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Birmingham's Listings in the National Register of Historic Places

The National Historic Register is the nation's list of properties worthy of preservation. For the most up-to-date listings see the National Register website: http://www.cr.nps.gov/nr

Birmingham has two sites listed as nationally significant properties on the National Register and also as National Historic Landmarks. National Landmarks are national treasures.

Bethel Baptist Church, Collegeville- headquarters church for the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement led by the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, 1956-1963. 28th Avenue North, Collegeville.

Sloss Blast Furnace- testament to the South's post-Civil War efforts to diversify its economy. First Avenue North at 32nd Street.

Listing is pending for Sixteenth Street Baptist Church - a major staging ground for the freedom marches of April-May 1963 and site of the September 15, 1963 bombing that killed four little girls.


* indicates a locally designated district with design review guidelines govern-ing major rehabilitation, construction and demolition
c = contributing property
nc = non-contributing property
cc = conditionally contributing property

Anderson Place*
14th & 15th Ave. S, 15th-18th St. S;
145 properties (121 c, 24 nc) dating from 1905-1936

Apartment Hotels
Includes Avalon, Claridge Manor, Hanover Court, Highland Plaza, Manchester Terrace, Orlando, Quinlan Castle & Ridgley, 1900-1930.

Arlington Park
800-840 First St. W, 815-909 Second St. W, 200-269 Munger Ave., adjacent to the 1850s Arlington Historic House & Garden, 97 (68 c, 29 nc) properties, 1920-1929 on the former plantation grounds.

1st-5th Ave. S 20th-24th St. S, 156 (123 c, 33 nc) properties associated with early 20th century automotive sales, service and repair, includes viaducts and former saloons and brothels.

Avondale Park
34th-47th St. S, 7th Ave.-8th Ct. S, 525 (428 c 97 nc) properties including the park, park pavilion, school and South Avondale Baptist and Avondale United Methodist Churches

Belview Heights
Roughly bounded by 41st St., 42nd St., 43rd, 44th, and 45th Sts., and M and Martin Aves.

Birmingham-Southern College
Arkadelphia Rd., 8th Ave. W-I 20/59, 9 campus structures (8 c, 1 nc), 1921-1931

Chestnut Hill
Highland Ave. and 31st St., 173 residential structures (149 c, 24 nc), built 1916-1930, including Independent Presbyterian Church.

Country Club
Roughly bounded by Highland Ave., 33rd St., 34th St., Pawnee Ave., and 29th St.

Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham Alabama MPS

Cullom Street/12th Street South*
11th-16th Ave. S, 13th-Cullom St., 50 residences (49 c, 1 nc), 1902-1920, Colonial & Queen Anne style houses

Downtown Bessemer
19th- 21st St., Carolina-5th Ave. N, Bessemer, 148 commercial structures (71 c, 77 nc), 1887-1945

Downtown Birmingham
17th, 18th, 19th Sts.; 1st-4th Ave. N, 104 (81 c, 6 cc, 17 nc) commercial and religious buildings, 1871-1928, includes the city's commercial core

Downtown Birmingham Retail & Theater
17th, 18th, 19th Sts; First-Fourth Aves. N, 97 (61 c, 36 nc) commercial properties, 1880-1941, includes the Alabama & Lyric Theaters & McWane Center-Old Lovemanís Dept. Store

Fire Stations
City of Birmingham stations, located throughout the city, including No.3-Highland Ave, No.6-15th St., No.10-Woodlawn, No.1-13th St., Downtown West; No.12-57th St., Woodlawn; No.15-Steiner Ave., West End; No. 6-Ave. I, Ensley; No.19-Division Ave., East Lake; No.22, Clairmont Ave., Lakeview, built 1906-1928.

Five Points South
In & about the Circle, 20th St. & 11th Ave. S. includes 146 (110 c, 4 cc., 32 nc) commercial and residential buildings, churches and synagogues and Ramsey High School, 1880s-1930s

Forest Park*
Highland Golf Course to Clairmont, Linwood Rd.-38th St., 626 residences (553 c, 73 nc), early 1900s, includes residences and a commercial district along Clairmont; Craftsman, Colonial Revival, English Tudor, Shingle & Mediterranean style houses

Fourth Avenue North
1600-1800 Fourth Ave. N, 300 Blocks 17th & 18th St. North, 24 commercial buildings (18 c, 6 nc), 1908-1928, includes a masonic temple, the Penny Savings Bank and the Carver Theater-Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame

Glen Iris Park
Park and 17 residences surrounding it (14 c, 3 nc), 1898-1920s

Heaviest Corner on Earth
First Ave. N & 20th St., 4 commercial buildings, 1902-1912, additions 1930-1940, Commercial and Neoclassical style early skyscrapers

Highland Avenue-Rhodes Park
Highland Ave., 167 structures (157 c, 10 nc) residences and apartments in & about this park, 1880s-1930s

Historic Schools
Lakeview, 1901-09; Powell, 1888; Pratt, 1910, 1918, 1925, 1948

Howard College Estates
77th Way & Pl., Vanderbilt St., 8th Ct., 8th Ave., Rugby & Belmont Ave., 71 structures (59 c, 12 nc), in this residential neighborhood, 1927-1948

Roughly bounded by Lee Ave., 82nd St., Spring St., and 80th St.

Leeds Downtown
9th St. NE, Thornton & Railroad Aves., Parkway Dr. SE, 29 structures (22 c, 7 nc), 1883-1936

Milner Heights
Roughly bounded by 28th St., Highland Ave., 27th Ave., Arlington Ave., and 23rd St.

Miles Memorial College
5501 Myron Massey Blvd, Fairfield, 6 campus buildings (4 c, 2 nc), 1907-1943

Morris Avenue/First Avenue North
2200-2400 Blocks Morris Ave., 2100-2500 Blocks 1st Ave. N, 69 structures (58 c, 5 cc, 6 nc), late 19th-early 20th century warehouses

Phelan Park*
13th-16th Ave. S, 14th St.-13th Pl. S, 142 residences (122 c, 1 c site, 19 nc), 1897-1930

Pratt City Carline
Roughly along the historic carline, 61 commercial buildings & residences, (all c), 1890-1929

Red Mountain Suburbs
Valley View, Redmont Park and Milner Heights, 482 residences (377 c, 5 cc, 99 nc), 1920s, includes Classical, Spanish, Renaissance Revivals, Dutch Colonial, English Tudor and Chateauesque styles, early 20th century auto suburb along the mountain's crest.

Rhodes Park
Roughly bounded by S. 10th, S. 13th and Highland Aves., S. 28th and S. 30th Sts.

Roebuck Springs
In and about the historic springs and golf course, 170 residences (90 c, 80 nc), 1907-1949, early 20th century country estate community

Joseph Riley Smith (College Hills)
300-400 Blocks 10th Ave., 100-400 Blocks 9th Ct. W, 66 structures (48 c, 2 cc, 16 nc), includes early 20th century residences by subdivision developers: physician-planter Joseph Riley Smith's children

4th Ter.-8th Ave. N, 1st-6th St. N, 463 residences and commercial buildings (194 c, 159 cc, 110 nc), includes Dr. A. M. Brown House, 319 N 4th Ter. SW, early 20th century African American neighborhood

South East Lake
78th St., Division, 1st, 2nd & 5th Ave., 527 structures (343 c, 184 nc), 1886-1948, includes early 20th century cottages and bungalows

South Highlands of East Lake
Roughly bounded by 8th Ave., 85th St., 5th Ave., and 78th St.

2800 University Blvd., parts of 4th-7th Ave. S. and 22nd-32nd St. S

Thomas By-Products Coke Works
Republic Steel Companyís former plant, c. 1900, 1924, 1952, 30 structures on site of Wade Sand & Gravel (28 c, 2 nc), Historic American Engineering Record documentation, 1992, industrial buildings, many now in use as artistsí studios

1st- 8th St., 216 residences (174 c, 42 nc) in this planned industrial town, 1887-1929, Historic American Engineering Documentation, 1992

Train Stations
Southern Railroad Depot, Leeds, 1884; Southern Railway Terminal Station, Bessemer, 1916

Roughly bounded by 1st Ave. N, 47th St. N, 61st St. N, and I-20/59.

Woodlawn Commercial
1st Ave. N, 55th Pl., 18 commercial buildings, 1908-1937

Individual Listings on the National Register in Jefferson County

Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights Churches
East End Baptist Church, 2609 Sixth Ave. S
First Baptist Church, East Thomas, 419 11th Court West
First Baptist Church, Kingston, 4600 Ninth Ave. N.
First Ebenezer Baptist Church, 420 Graymont Ave. North, Smithfield
Mount Ararat Baptist Church, 1920 Slayden Ave., Ensley
New Rising Star Baptist Church, 3104 33rd Place N., Collegeville
Peace Baptist Church, 302 Sixth St. N
Sardis Baptist Church, 1240 Fourth St. N.
Shady Grove Baptist Church, 3444 31st Way North
St. Luke AME Church, 2803 21st Ave N
St. Luke AME Zion Church, 3937 12th Ave. N.
West End Hills Missionary Baptist Church, 1608 19th Place SW

Apartment Hotels in Birmingham, 1910-1930
Claridge Manor Apartments, 1100 27th St. S
Highland Plaza Apartments, 2250 Highland Ave. S
Ridgely Apartments - The Tutwiler Hotel, 608 Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd. N

Arlington Historic House & Gardens
331 Cotton Ave. SW, 1852

Bank of Ensley
19th St. & Ave. E, Ensley, 1926

Blessed Sacrament Academy
1525 Cotton Ave. SW, 1912

Dr. A. M. Brown House
319 4th Terrace N

Continental Gin Company
4500 Fifth Ave. S, c. 1926, 7 structures

City Center Buildings
Age-Herald Building
Alabama Penny Savings Bank Building
Alabama Theater
Birmingham Railway, Light and Power Building
Caldwell-Milner Building
Crittenden Building
Empire Building
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
John Hand Building
Gaston, A. G., Building
Hotel Redmont
Ideal Dept. Store
Jefferson County Court House
Kress Building
Loveman's Department Store-McWane Center
McAdory Building
Nabers, Morrow & Sinnige Building
Powell School
Ridgeley Apartments-The Tutwiler Hotel
Steiner Bank Building
U. S. Post Office-Vance Federal Building
Waters Building
Watts Building
Whilldin Building
Wimberly-Thomas Warehouse
Woodward Building
Zinszer's, Peter, Mammoth Furniture House

City Center Churches
Episcopal Cathedral of the Advent
First United Methodist
First Presbyterian
Saint Paul's Catholic Cathedral
Sixteenth Street Baptist Church

Dr. Pepper Syrup Plant
2829 Second Ave. S, 1931, Lakeview District

Five Mile Creek Bridge
McCalla, 1916

McAdory House
214 Eastern Valley Rd, Bessemer, 1841

Oak Hill Cemetery
1120 North 19th St., est. 1872, 11 structures

Owen Plantation House
Eastern Valley Rd, Bessemer, 1838

Parham Apothecary
410-60th St., Fairfield, 1949

Quinlan Castle
2030 Ninth Ave. S, Five Points Area, 1926

Reed-Jemison-Riddle House
888 Twin Lakes Dr., 1816-1820

Rickwood Field
1137 Second Ave. W, 1910, 1920s

Historic American Engineering Record documentation
1993 Sadler House, Eastern Valley Rd, 1838 Second Presbyterian Church, University of Alabama at Birmingham Campus, 10th Ave. & 12th St. S., 1901

Sloss Furnaces
Entrance, 2nd Ave. N. at 32nd Street, est. 1882, built early 20th century, listed as a National Historic Landmark, 1981, Historic Amerian Engineering Record documentation, 1976.

Vulcan Statue
Red Mountain at 20th St., 1904, Historic American Engineering Record documentation: statue and park, 1993-4

West End Masonic Temple, 1346 Tuscaloosa Ave., 1926

Windham Construction Co. Office Building, 528 Eighth Ave. N., 1912

National Register Historic District Nominations in preparation and review
Birmingham Civil Rights District
Center Street-Dynamite Hill
Graymont School
Phillips High School



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